GARDEN SET 5 - chop, chop, chop

  • £280.00


We've put together the perfect combinations of kit for the keen gardener. If you are looking to tame your bushes, for your flowers to flourish, or to get your veg patch in order, this is what you need. 

Our fifth set is for when things get a little more serious and the big rose bush just HAS to come down and you want to use the twigs as kindling.

Set comprises:

JAPANESE HATCHET AXE: Carbon steel hatchet axe in two different weights for gnarly jobs and extra gnarly jobs. Full info here

KOBAYASHI CARBON STEEL SHEARS: We have sourced these carbon steel secateurs which are robust, easy to use, and, given their carbon steel blades, can easily be resharpened to ensure that your roses can be deadheaded time and time again. Full info here 

LEATHER SHEARS HOLDER: Leather shears holder, designed to hold up to approx 200mm shears. Use the belt loop to keep your shears safe and easy to access.  Full info here