Knife Engraving - COAL DROPS YARD

  • £20.00


Looking to customise your kitchen knife with hand chiselled engraving? We have a wide selection of Japanese Kanji phrases and pictures to choose from. For Kanji engraving, you can book the appointment here, for images - please email us to receive a quote and to arrange the time.

Please take note of the following:
- Knives, purchased on the day, can be engraved for £15
- We only engrave hiragana, katakana or kanji - no Western alphabet
- We can engrave preselected images - please email us at to request a quote and arrange the time
- We only engrave Japanese soft cladded knives, on the flat section of the blade (Honyaki as long as there is enough soft steel available) 
- Certain finishes (Diamond/textured Damascus, Tsuchime) do not produce visible results, and we do not recommend it
- Certain Kurouchi finishes can peel after engraving

Please turn up on time for your appointment - if you are late, we cannot guarantee to be able to engrave your knives.