About us

Kitchen Provisions was established by Tom Saunders and Helen Symonds to combine equipment and techniques with ingredients and recipes. We started out on the London weekend market scene, before opening the Stoke Newington shop in 2017 and going on to take on the Coal Drops Yard shop, our biggest (by some way!) to date in 2019. We have since been joined by a capable gang of knife geeks, sharpeners, visual merchandisers and  We hope to inspire you - or the recipient of your purchase - to cook up a storm, and to be able to fix a good drink to go with it.

We have put together an edit of kitchen equipment from around the world that we believe is useful, fun and versatile. We don’t want to clutter up your kitchen cupboards with equipment that won’t see daylight. Therefore all products are tried and tested and we have shared with you all the different ways in which they can be deployed. Our aim is for you to hit the ground running and to be able to open your parcel and get started.


Knives, knives and more knives are what makes Saunders tick. He is happiest when waxing lyrical about the edge retention of different steels, the utility of different blade finishes, or the best stropping techniques. Fear not, it's not all whetstones and wa handles, Saunders’ time in kitchens means that he is handy across the board when it comes to equipment. If he hasn't made one himself, he has definitely read up on it or has the ingredients in the cupboard to whip you up his version.


Symonds has her fingers in all the KP pies and, while not behind the counter as often as she would like, makes sure the less glamorous small business tasks happen. There might now be a ban on any more branches of Kitchen Provisions in the short term, she is always looking for the next permutation of the business and more of those proverbial pies to tick our fingers in. Symonds is also a champion gift giver - whether to friends and family, or particularly for herself - with an eye for just the right present or present suggestion for any occasion.