You can drop your knives off at either store at any time. We sharpen them - they essentially join a queue - and email you when they are done. Turnaround for sharpening is typically 5 days for sharpening, 10 days for repairs. We will give you a better idea when you drop them off. Please bring your knives to us in a clean condition and well packaged. Make sure to clean the blade thoroughly and wrap them in a tea towel or similar. If your knives aren't wrapped, we can't take them.

We email you when your knife is ready for collection. We are a small team and, as we operate a queue system, sometimes it can be quicker or slightly longer than we suggested. Please bear with us. If it has been significantly longer timeframes than we suggested, please email and we can help. 

Yes, we sharpen any knives, not just those bought from us. Please bear in mind that the quality and durability of the sharpening will depend on the quality of the knife and the steel it is made from. We can get anything sharp and repair anything, but depending on the knife it might not either stay sharp or be worth the money. Please don't be offended if we suggest that your knife is not worth sharpening.We take in any number of knives but, as you will be without them for a while, it might not be best to bring every knife at the same time.

Yes, we can sort out chipped blades and provide a thinning service. This is not done on a while-you-wait basis and will cost from £14 upwards. We quote on an individual basis and seek confirmation from the customer before undertaking the repair. 

Sharpening is typically £8 per knife. Repairs are quoted for individually but start at £14. 

Yes! We have slots available at Stoke Newington and Coal Drops Yard. Availability is limited and sharpening using this service is charged at x1.5.

We do all types of knives from penknives to carving knives. We also turn our hands to scissors, secateurs and other blades. Anything unusual is quoted for individually so needs you to bring it to store. Items we have passed on include ice skates and lawnmower blades.Please note that while bread knives can be sharpened, in most cases it would be cost prohibitive for us to do this for you. 

Yes, we can re-handle wa handled knives. Please bring in your knife so we can assess the condition and show you the handle options. We can't put a wa handle on a western handled knife. We do not re-handle western handled knives.

Yes. Please take a look at our individual and group classes. 

Absolutely. We have a good range of it here.