The Japan edit

Let's put this out there now; we love Japan. The food - oh the food!, the design, the landscape, even the heated toilet seats and endless karaoke.  

It is also one of the few countries that retains a strong tradition of manufacturing its own kitchen equipment domestically to an incredibly high standard.This edit has been chosen as we believe that all the items will be a pleasure to use day to day - not just when you are whipping up your next batch of udon. The graters we have included are versatile enough for garlic, ginger or citrus, while the plating and cooking chopsticks can be deployed to prod, poke or position almost anything your may be cooking up. The quality is really at your finger tips here and we are extremely excited with the edit that we are bringing to you.

All the equipment we have tested has a strong design aesthetic but manages not to sacrifice function for the sake of form. Needless to say, they are exquisitely packaged and will be a most welcome gift for any Japanophile or lover of good functional design. 


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  1. Sujihiki knife, VG10 Stainless Steel, Coloured Damascus finish, Western style cow horn handle - Saji - Kitchen Provisions
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