The triumph of kintsugi over clumsiness

I have a favourite bowl. A big, shallow dish that I think was originally part of a jug and basin set. I have always had this on a table, filled with flowers, dried hydrangeas, balls of wool, vintage toy building blocks.... what ever decorative schmutter that pinterest dictated was du jour, combined - artfully of course - with the debris of life that accumulates near the front door. However, in a fit of pique, I carelessly lobbed something it its direction and took a significant chunk out of the rim. As is the case with anything circular and porcelain-smooth, a gapeing great chasm in the rim is hard to ignore. Nonetheless, I saved the pieces and hung on to the bowl hoping to glue it back together and pretend like it had never happened. But why stop at superglue once the delights of kintsugi had been discovered?

Time for some kintsugi action. Fortunately the broken piece fitted fairly snugly into the rim making the task a much easier one. There was a small dink in the underside that needed filling in with the putty but, with a bit of TLC and the magic of gold fairy dust, I was pretty pleased with the result. I mixed up perhaps a pinch of gold into the mix so it was well worth taking the time to dust the join with more gold when it was nearly dry to give it more of a shimmer. The bowl lives to see another day and to be filled with yet more schmutter! 


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