The February round up - six things...

First up a confession. As February is such a short month, I ran out of time and actually posted this in March. 

1) JAPANING: what a country... what amazing food... what beautiful scenery. We could wax lyrical about all things Japanese for quite some time. If you want to here more about our trip and what we ate, take a look at our blogs, here, here and here. And here and here too!

2) PLOTTING: the new products on the horizon. More knives from both Japan and Peckham, something rather buttery and something to do with coffee. Much more on these very shortly.

3) WISHING: we had managed to make it to the Rye Bay Scallop Festival. We weren't about but still managed to pick some up a week later and they were perfectly sweet and plumpcious. 


4) DRESSING: all vegetables that enter our kitchen with a healthy slug of ponzu and a few drops of sesame oil. It seems to have magic alchemic properties and turns even the most limp, tough greens into deliciousness.

5) MARKETING: back at Druid Street and, after a few rainy weeks, the weather is back on track and the market is buzzing. There are a few new stallholders and, as ever, some excellent food and drink to be had while you peruse the produce. Saturday, 10 till 4. Come!

6) BREAKFASTING: in style at our new favourite greasy spoon, Alpino's in Islington. A old school cafe with not only the traditional full English, but also corned beef hash, poached eggs with salmon, and their take on the more American pancake stack with bacon and maple syrup. And of course reassuringly beige tea. All at very wallet-friendly prices.



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