The December round up - six things...

December, December - why so busy? Why so rushed? We spent the month elving away but were still able to fit in some excellent eating and drinking on the side. 

1) CANAPE-ING - You know you have had a good December when you have consisted on a diet of canapes and Pret-a-Manger Christmas sandwiches and have nothing in your fridge apart from champagne. Our access to canapes may be less regular than we'd like, on account of not being socialites and all, but we do still try and whip them up at home. A current favourite is the devilled egg (we were too young for it first time round). A little fiddly but endlessly adaptable. Like cups of tea and toast and lasagne, they taste even better if you can persuade someone else to make them for you.

We also discovered another new favourite involving slices of chorizo and quails' eggs.

2) BREAKFASTING - we reckon we have found a new breakfast hotspot in London and our new favourite greasy spoon. Alpino's at the west-end of Chapel Market in Islington. They do the classic fry up but also a great corned beef hash, and poached eggs with spinach and sour cream. We paid more than one visit this month.

3) TRIFLING - for us Christmas pudding is dead. We are ALL about the trifle. And particularly when it is a very boozy version from Queen Nigella stuffed with blackberries and incorporating both amaretto and limoncello. Yes. Please.

4) PACKAGING - our new design packing bags didn't make it in time for Christmas. But now they are here we are chuffed. Boring grey postage bags be gone!!

5) ADMIRING - the work of one of our customers with the whittling kit. Their spoon is pretty darn sexy.

6) SCOFFING - biscotti. We didn't used to get these but we are now addicted. Crunchy, pleasingly tricky to eat while not being too crumbly for desk munchies, and studded with anything nice tasting - what is there not to like. Our current supply is from friends but we will be soon trying to whip up batches of our own.



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