A little fishy, in a little tinny - part two

Another evening, another round of tinned fish. This time, our all time favourite - octopus. Earlier in the year, we had a couple of goes at cooking octopus. One attempt was, even if we say so ourselves, a fantastic success. The other, less so. 

Either way, any efforts of boiling, blanching, cooling, tenderising, etc etc are no longer required. Why get cranky over cephalopods? This tinned octopus from Jose Gourmet is absolutely amazing. 

 We decided to do the old classic with potatoes and paprika. We simply boiled some potatoes, sliced them and added them warm to the octopus and oil along with some very, very thinly sliced raw onion. This was sprinkled with salt and both hot and sweet paprika. 

I hate to say it, but my octopus-buying days, at least for this dish, are now numbered. One tin in the cupboard and you are instantly transported to Iberian holidays-past.


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