The November round up - six things...

We've been a bit quiet in November. Christmas has well and truly started and we have been busy elfing away. In the kitchen we have been feasting on the last of the autumnal crops and whipping up a few hot boozy drinks.

1) COLLECTING - all the pumpkins and squashes we can get our hands on. Round ones, long ones, curly ones, straight ones, stripy ones, speckled ones, bumpy ones, smooth ones, green ones, orange ones.


2) RESTOCKING - on incense. The pinon pine, red cedar and balsam fir have been flying off the shelf and the log cabins have also been proving popular. All are now back in stock and ready to get your house smelling like a lumberjack's cabin.

3) CARB LOADING - we have devised a morning dog walk that takes us right by Spence Bakery where we can get our hands on some pretty tasty sourdough and chewy chewy baguettes for toast supplies. 

4) HEATING - up our cocktails. Winter's here which means it is acceptable to sip on mulled wine from about three. But we haven't stopped at mulled wine with batches of buttered rum and glogg being experimenting with. 

5) DESIGNING - some new packaging to ensure that anything you buy arrives looking stylish and in tip top condition. The old design is pictured below but the new all singing, all dancing version will be revealed in time for Christmas.

6) EXPERIMENTING - with the new kintsugi kit. We have been looking at other people's creations and just waiting to accidentally break our next victim to turn it into the beauty below.


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