A sneaky peek. A cold-pressed, boozy sneaky peek

Late summer and early autumn has been a time of intense creativity here at KP HQ. Intense creativity and many a long evening sampling our alcohol creations, thereby fuelling even more outlandish ideas, more sampling, more creativity. You get the picture. We have had a bit of a eureka moment though. Are you a fan of coffee? Keen for a boozy, evening alternative with all of the flavour but some added kick? Well we have come up with the answer. A big welcome to the cold-pressed coffee liqueur kit. All the sophistication of the best coffee beans, a few extra twists to add further complexity to the flavour, and, best of all, super simple to whip up. 

The kit will be launched next week. So watch this space. Grab one for yourself, your boss, your lover, and prepare yourself for possibly the best digestif and some White Russian-style cocktails that would make even The Dude sit up and tighten his dressing gown a notch. 


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