Where else can you stick some kimchi?

The first question we always get when we do a show-and-tell with the kimchi kit, is pretty much always the same: "isn't that an awful lot of kimchi?". Well, yes. At 9.5 litres it isn't exactly small. But it is surprising how many ways you can eat it and the different things that you can do with it.
We serve it up with cold beers and pile it on top of burgers. It has been whipped into some kimchi jeon in minutes and served up on the side of pretty much every rice dish. We have even devoted a whole pinterest board to the subject.
In one of those fortuitous culinary-cultural fusions, it also turns out kimchi goes really rather well with cheese. Cheeseburgers. A Korean-Mexican style kimchi quesadilla. Or even the humble cheese toasty. Grab some really crusty. nutty bread, some sharp cheddar and slather in some kimchi. Your tastebuds will thank you and, the health-giving properties of fermented foods mean that, with the addition of kimchi, the cheese toastie practically becomes a health food. 


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