Still in love with the spiralizer

It is no secret that we are complete devotees to the spiralizer. If it is cylindrical and vegetable matter, we will certainly give a good go at spiralizing it. That said, our standout favourite that we keep returning to is the courgette. While we weren't particular fans before, we are now regularly consuming courgette after courgette for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As team KP can't live on courgette alone, we have been amassing more and more recipe ideas to whip up these green spirals into something truly special. Here are some of our current favourites:

- courgette fritters: a thick batter made with flour and egg, topped with salsa and a fried egg. Perfect for brunch although don't blame us if you get ketchup on your sheets. 

- courgette soba salad: equal quantities of soba and spiralized courgette, dressed with soy and sesame oil, and topped with sesame seeds, chilli and spring onion.

- courgette frittata: literally the contents of the fridge magically turned into dinner. The courgettes do play a key role here as they bulk it out and bring the other ingredients - from chorizo, to spring onions, to capers, to blue cheese - together. In short, the courgette is the ballast of many a great frittata.  

And some more that we can't wait to try:

- courgette and carrot cake pancakes: a thick pancake batter with carrot and courgette spirals and sultanas, flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg and walnuts, and topped with some sweetened cream cheese.

- courgetti carbonara: all the silky sinfulness of the cream and egg yolks with some quality pancetta and parmesan but with the courgetti taking the place of parmesan.

Convinced yet? Grab either the stripy green courgettes or the banana yellow ones and we guarantee that it will blow your mind. Or take a look at the courgetti and soba noodle salad we made below:


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