Hero ingredient - cobnuts

WHAT ARE THEY? 'Tis the season of the cobnut, also known as the filbert. These beauties are related to the hazelnut but, once cracked, yield milky, sweet kernels that are boxfresh baby nuts. They have a subtle, fresh flavour and a pleasing crunch that make them palatable for the more nut-phobic among us. They are sold fresh from August to October.

WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM? Where you might sprinkle a seed, or scatter a nut, try a cobnut instead. We have been lightly roasting them and tipping them on top of salads. A favourite pairing is cobnuts, griddled courgettes and crumbled strong cheese. Rumour has it that they also work well as part of a fruit crumble or on the side of ice cream and stewed fruit. They taste at their best with other fruits and vegetables also in season such as plums, squashes, beetroot and courgettes.  

WHERE CAN I GET THEM? Kent. Seriously, they are also known as the Kentish cobnut. Any good greengrocers, particularly in the home counties, should have a supply and I have even spied them in Waitrose. For more cobnut info, take a look at the Kentish Cobnuts Association.


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