Salmon and courgette frittata (or a crustless quiche)

I kid you not, it took longer to work out what to call this than to make it. I have seen things like this referred to as a "frittata" but am put off this by memories of a friend with an Australian accent saying the word "frittata". It sounds complete absurd and it is all you can do not to say "Muriel" afterwards.

The other name I have seen is "crustless quiche". Again, no. "Crust" is not a word that I want associated with food. "Crusty", yes. "Crust", no. It is in the same wrong category as "brothy" and "moist".

Anyway, so super easy to make. Four dariole moulds, well buttered. I filled them with some spiralized courgette and flakes of hot smoked salmon. You could add pretty much anything here and the quantities required are minute, so a good way to use up fag ends of cheese and suspect random ingredients. You could even make a luxe, all-in-cooked-breakfast version... sausage, tomato, bacon, potato...

I whisked up an egg per pot and a big splash of milk. The key is to put a healthy amount of pepper and a pinch of salt. This was then poured into each mould. I placed them in a 180c oven for around 12 minutes. They will lose their wobble when done - or check with a skewer. Yummers.

I have to be honest here. I'm not sure I would whip these up and bother turning on the oven in place of just making an omelette or some eggs. That said, they do have their place. If you don't have a sweet tooth, finding something relatively healthy for breakfast on-the-go can be tricky. In a muffin case, these are portable and quick. They also work well if you have people for breakfast and want to do eggs without slaving away over a frying pan or trying to poach umpteen eggs without using every pan in the kitchen.

If you are turning your oven on for something else, stick a batch of these in after. Just don't tell any one what they are called. 


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