Sesame sesame sesame

This week we have been playing around with the sesame grinder and it has become a perfect fixture in all our meal prep. Don't think you can have sesame seeds on everything? Oh yes you can!

BREAKFAST: muesli with blueberries and a healthy grind of sesame over the top. Powerful.

LUNCH: Hummus with a blob of smoked aubergine and a generous grind of sesame. We went to a recording of The Kitchen Cabinet last night and apparently it is all about what goes on, rather than in, your hummus. We wholeheartedly agree.

Accompanied by a side of spiralized carrots (I whipped out the Spiralizer kit here) topped with coriander and yet more sesame.

DINNER: Another version of the posh pot noodle, with a bit more spiralizer action. I went with courgettes and udon noodles and sprinkled crispy onions, coriander and green chilli on the top. And of course a good grind of sesame. Yummers.

TREAT: last but by no means least, a bit of a treat. I have to hold my hands up here to being possibly the only person in the world who doesn't like nutella. Not for health, anti-sugar reasons, I just don't like the taste. But I managed a good mouthful of this and used the rest to good effect to bribe Saunders to tidy up. It packs a lot of punch and has a chocolately, nutty flavour similar to chocolate halva. Pretty immense.


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