Hero ingredient - Speculoos spread

Crikey I love this stuff. It's very wrong and very very right. Warning, if you give this to small children it's like crack. They wont leave you alone after the first hit.

WHAT IS IT? Produced from small spiced gingerbread biscuits, it originates from Germany and Holland and is traditionally eaten around Christmas. The biscuits that make up the spread are thin, very crunchy and have a St. Nicholas inspired image stamped into the front.

WHAT DO I DO WITH IT? HIDE IT. If you aren’t a complete heathen then thinly spreading it on toast is pretty traditional. If you are like me and a spoon seems a better vessel for consumption than bread, hide in the corner and get going. 

WHERE CAN I GET IT? I am not sure your dentist wants us to tell you. 


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