That food sounds amazing - food podcasts and radio

I can hear the scoffing already. Not literally scoffing, but the strong disbelief that radio and food are a good combination. Granted, you can't see the food, you can't taste it or smell it. But there is still a lot of good interesting content out there, just you wait. I want to make it quite clear that I am not talking about references to new scone recipes made by Jennifer Aldridge on The Archers, or even to the much acclaimed Food Programme with Sheila Dillon (it is beloved by many but, despite my high tolerance for even the most po-faced of Radio 4 content, I can't get on with how gloomy it all sounds). 

So here is a round up of what I've been listening to lately.

THE ARK OF TASTE: Okay, so this IS part of the Food Programme but the content isn't discussing the decline of the fishing industry but focuses instead on the Ark of Taste, a catalogue that records lost or declining food substances from obscure cheeses to little known beans in bite sized chunks.... hang on, see what I mean about the Food Programme being depressing?!  

SUPRISINGLY AWESOME - BROCCOLI: I have a worryingly high boredom threshold so the format of this podcast where they examine something seemingly mundane in detail definitely floats my boat. Broccoli, why not?

99% INVISIBLE - FLYING FOOD: all about food advertising and how the industry has moved on from illustrations of edibles to high end, cutting edge food photography. The fast food bit covering how they make anaemic. sloppy burgers look like bronzed gods was particularly good.

GASTROPOD: this is very much my latest find and I am working my way through the archive listening to old and new craft brewing techniques, an episode on food crime, and the most representative foods from across the US which includes the "buttwich". Saunders is very much not a believer - my last announcement that I was really going to enjoy listening to this radio programme was "No, you're not, I'm going to talk all over it". You can't win them all - but I think this might be the one to convert him. 

If you prefer to eat your food and listen to something else, then I would recommend EARBUD.FM, a round-up of all things podcast. Yes, it is American and, yes, the emphasis is very much on oversharing for entertainment, but if you want to move on from Serial and don't know what's next, this will help. And if you have a long drive ahead, a bout or insomnia, or have to spend the afternoon banging in caulking cotton, it is truly gold dust.


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