The May round up - six things...

May could be our favourite month, beaten only by June, July and August. In short we, like most of the UK, are big fans of the summer months. As soon as the sun shines, we eat outside at every opportunity and life just seems better. 

1) FORAGING: Like most foodie-hipster-millenials, we have been turning our hands to a bit of foraging. While mushrooms seem a bit too much like Russian roulette, damsons - or wild garlic - are definitely something we can safely identify and eat. We have been stuffing them in fish and incorporating them into potato salad. Delicious.

2) FLOWERING: did we mention it's summer? Did we? Well summer means flower and having some edible flowers to hand is a great way of ensuring that you are well and truly eating the seasons. We have been making the most of the flower power kits and sprinkling them on pretty much every meal from breakfast through dinner. Turns out the rose and orange flowers are also rather fantastic crushed with sugar. 

3) PICNICKING: Well, not on grass exactly, but still outside albeit on patio or terrace. We have found that the trick is to keep a picnic basket ready to hand in the kitchen. If you already have some cutlery, corkscrew and glasses by the backdoor in a basket, there is really not reason not to feast al fresco.

4) ELEVATING: upgrading our breakfast through inspiration from Rock my Bowl. We have been lucky enough to taste these creations at Druid Street Market and, seeing be can't get one delivered every morning (yet!), have been trying to emulate. The key to a fabulous breakfast seems to be good quality yoghurt, something crunchy and possibly a little salty, and to tackle the bowl like it is an ice cream sundae. The liberal use of the impossibly delicious cacao sea salt granola definitely helps.

5) MARKETING: We love a good market and, seeing the sun is out, we have doubled our locations. Every Saturday we will be at Druid Street Market with knives and knife sharpening, and at Schoolyard Market, part of Broadway Market, with everything else. Come say hi!

6) CEVICHING: okay, okay, not exactly a verb but worth mentioning. I love it so much, particularly with grapefruit, but I keep forgetting it is a thing, it is impossibly easy and on balance pretty healthy stuff. This is a reminder to me and to you to make some. Do it!




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