The avocado is dead... long live ice cream

We spend quite a lot of time at KP HQ obsessing about all things instagramable and our favourite instagram accounts. Which foodie has been to all the restaurants we want to eat at, who has been doing some extreme foraging, and dinners that give us real food envy. It has long been said that Instagram exists exclusively for people to post pictures of avocado on toast. This may indeed be true and we are most certainly guilty; however, there seems to be a new food stuff du jour creating a hashtag storm: ice cream.

It might not be summer quite yet but it does seem that ice cream makers also make the best instagrammers. For starters we have: bluetopicecream and their dreamy ice cream sandwiches; teasing from pocogelatoleigh about new flavours involving caramelised bananas; macaron ice cream sandwiches (oh yes) with yolkinmace; rubyvioletices just up the road; and last but not least lagrottaices and nonnasgelato. I think my theory was that if I followed enough ice cream producers, summer would come all the sooner and so far it is working! 


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