Flower Power - Lemon and Blueberry Tart

I don't like baking. I just don't like making puddings or cakes or any kind of cheesecake-tart-crumble thing. I might be hooked on watching Great British Bake Off, just like the rest of the population who need some Great British comfort TV in their pyjamas on a dull Wednesday night, but I'm not about to get in the kitchen and even attempt to recreate any of the gloriously iced and adorned creations. Never have done. Never will. That said, sometimes pudding is expected. You know that dinner won't be quite the same if you try to palm off your diners with yogurt, no matter how gussied up with the best yoghurts or nuts, and neither will a cheeseboard cut the mustard. 
For these situations, I give you the lemon and blueberry tart. Four ingredients required. Takes literally five minutes to prepare. And, if I am to blow my own trumpet, looks and tastes like you might be considering your own GBBO application. Although to be GBBO-worthy, it probably needs to be about three times the size, topped with a life-sized spun sugar replica of St Paul's, to contain at least cardamon, yuzu and sichuan pepper, and to make you cry in frustration and shake with nerves as you make it. I digress.  Basically it was a tub of marscarpone, mixed with 2-3 generous tablespoons of lemon curd (to taste, depends on the sweetness of the blueberries), spread in a shortcrust pastry case (between you and me, I bought it ready made. Shoot me), and then topped with blueberries. That was it. As a last minute touch I sprinkled it with a few of the marigold and cornflower petals from the flower power kit. Nice touch eh? Totally GBBO-worthy.  


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