What can I pickle...?

Does the pickle press sound intriguing? Are you up for a bit of vinegary zing in your life? But perhaps not sure how you will use it, how regularly it will see action in the kitchen, and what you will eat your spoils with? In order to convince you of the power of the pickle, we have a little round up of what we have been doing with our pickle press.
CUCUMBERS: obvious but the variations are endless. We have snacked on pickles made with dill and chilli, soused with soy and topped with katsuoboshi, and an Asian-style smacked cucumber (great stress relief). We have even forgotten the cucumbers and just pickled the herbs.
DAIKON: easier to find in our neck of the woods that we had anticipated. They take on flavour really well and keep a satisfying crunch.
MUSHROOMS: this was a revelation to us too, but pickled mushrooms are now a staple in our "things to eat with a glass of wine repetoire". They take mere moments to prepare, are more original than the obligatory tub of hummous, and give a lot of bang for their buck.
ONIONS: Not exactly ground breaking here but there is truly nothing better than a forkful of quick pickled onions. They are also a lifestyle when the cupboard is bare - one of those "all I've got is some wilted spinach, a cheese rind and some spaghetti hoops and I can't justify Deliveroo" moment - and a quickly contrived dinner needs pepping up. 
Of course pickles taste amazing on a cheeseboard, in a toastie or burger, or across a salad. They also work chopped through coleslaw, on top of salads or tacos, and on the side of omelettes. Basically anything that needs that extra flavour punch. If the vegetables don't convince you, try sticking some fish in there - mackerel and salmon both work a treat.  


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