Cold brew coffee or cold brew tea?

As part of the rigorous product testing process at KP HQ, we often rack our brains to work out other uses that we can put products to. If it is intended for steak, can it be used with fish? Just how many different things can you grate with that grater, spiralize with the spiralizer, or cram into that pickle press? Same goes for the cold brew coffee maker. Once we had decided on our favourite coffee, settled on our drip rate and perfected the ultimate iced coffee blend, we considered how else we could put it to use. If the slow drip process worked for coffee, why wouldn't it also work with coffee? 
The trick with both coffee and tea is to get hold of some really good material to be cold brewed. Fortunately we are at Druid Street Market with Zigzag Teas and were able to choose from their range of herbal and fruit teas. Quite a tricky choice as the blends sound and taste mouthwatering with some pretty innovative ingredients. The blueberry and lemon was our first tea. The slow drip cold brewer is pretty easy to set up - the only real variable is just how much tea to use. Zigzag recommend a heaped tablespoon per cup. We guesstimated it would produce four cups so added four teaspoons and one for the pot. Initially the tea dripping through looked like it would be a little weak but the brew soon started to take on more colour and look like more was going on.
And the verdict? Absolutely delicious. The colour was a fairly deep red and the flavour, for a clear liquid, had so much depth. Alongside the blueberry and lemon, we could also taste the hibiscus. We could have taken it a little strong as we were drinking it iced, but this would be sorted with an extra half teaspoon. The brew was incredibly refreshing with no bitterness or stewed flavours. 
This is going to be a staple in our fridge over the summer and we have already been experimenting with the coco chai (who knew coconut could taste so great in tea?) with caramel cinnamon rooibos the next up.


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