The March round up - six things...

Hello March. Aren't you sunny and springing and rather wonderful? We are caffeinated, buttered-up and ready for April. 

1) COLD BREWING: we are loving our new toy and getting an instant caffeine fix by keeping a carafe of cold brew in the fridge. This also means we are fast perfecting our iced coffee recipe. Turns out almond milk and agave nectar is our jam.

2) EASTERING: It came too early for us this year and we were unprepared with chocolate eggs. We more than made do with some truffles (at least they are round if not egg shaped) from Paul A Young and a batch of deviled eggs.

3) DELIBERATING: Our latest go to pickling book is "Preserving the Japanese Way" an epic tome that runs through how best to pickle pretty much every Japanese ingredient known to the modern palate. We have been toying over some of the miso pickles where you submerge the chosen ingredient in miso paste. Top of the list are garlic and eggs. We are only a little hesitant as it requires quite a lot of miso paste which, if they are fantastic, is well worth it... if not think of all those poor bowls of miso soup that will be left un-slurped. The jury is out... any guidance appreciated.

4) LISTENING: at HQ towers we love a good podcast, true crime or otherwise. This episode of 99% Invisible, titled "Flying Food" is all about food styling and food advertising and how it has developed from illustrations to all singing, all dancing commericals. Worth a listen while you are walking the dog / folding your washing / in the bath. 

5) SNACKING: the ski season is now well and truly over, but we are still feasting on some very French, very fruity salami that has been brought back to us from the slopes. Walnuts? Yes please. Anything with wild boar in it? Definitely. Myrtilles? Don't know what they are, but in a sausage we're keen! Our top tip is to arm yourself with an Opinel penknife as the perfect rustic way to attack them. 

6) CHURNING: did we mention the butter kit? No? Well it is ace. We are creating our very own butter mountain and have been wanging on to everyone about just how it works, how much churning it takes, and how delicious the results are. We may be butter bores but our morning toast is pretty darn sensational. 


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