Yanagiba, shirogami 2, polished finish - Hatsukokoro


Hatsukokoro have come up with an excellent range of knives - all single bevel Japanese style knives for right handers.

SHAPE: Yanagiba. This knife is used to slice protein in one continuous movement to minimize damage to the ingredient. This shape features the traditional single bevelled edge so is only suitable for right handed users. This edge design allows the blade to take a razor sharp edge helping with the slicing of fish thinly. Traditional Japanese knives, such as this, should exclusively be sharpened by hand on Whetstones.

STEEL: Shirogami (white) 2 steel. It is a reactive carbon steel which is easy to sharpen and holds an edge well. This steel is often chosen for traditional-style Japanese knives.

FINISH: Polished

HANDLE: Octagonal teak handle with buffalo horn ferrule 

LENGTH: 270, 300 or 330mm in length.

MAKER: Hatsukokoro

BEST FOR: Single bevel lovers.

SAUNDERS SAYS: "Niche but deeply cool."