Whetstone Holder - for knife sharpening - spring-loaded, blue


If you are getting into the dark art of hand sharpening, then it isn't just a whetstone you should be getting your hands on. Grab a holder and ensure that there is no awkward slippage frustrating your technique. 

Saunders says:

"If you are trying to keep a regular smooth sharpening motion, it is essential that your whetstone stays where you want it and, despite the wet surfaces, doesn't slip. If you are going to buy a whetstone, stick one of these in your basket. This one is a weighty beast with a rubberised base to ensure your stone is going nowhere!"

We also have whetstone flatteners. Three grades of shapton whetstone are available: 320, 1,000 and 5,000 grit. 

Holder measures 210mm x 80mm x 30mm. It will fit whetstones measuring from 185mm to 225mm. It has a spring-loaded mechanism to hold the stone securely in place. 

* Please measure up your whetstones to make sure they fit*