Traditional Japanese mortar and pestle - suribachi and surikogi

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We are very conscious that space is at a premium in most kitchens and that each piece of equipment has to really earn its place. It turns out that the suribachi has almost entirely taken over from the conventional pestle and mortar and is particularly good for guacamole and spice rubs. What makes the suribachi so good is the tiny grooves found inside that really pulverise the ingredients. 

The diameter of the bowl is 27cm for the large, 22cm for the medium and 15cm for the small.

Saunders says:

"When we first started the company I was reluctant to order these as I am generally a stone pestle and mortar fan. I think the wooden pestles just don’t stand up to the test. How wrong I was.

On our recent trip to Japan, I used one for the first time in a tonkatsu restaurant to make the dipping source for the breaded pork chop. First it was used to grind the still-hot sesame seeds, creating an intoxicating smell. The sauce was then added directly to the bowl and mixed, then used as a dipping bowl. I love this sort of interactional dining. They were added immediately to our shopping list.

I really can't sing high enough praises for this little gadget especially as I was a former cynic."