Sesame grinder


  • Sesame grinder
  • Sesame grinder

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You may have seen these nifty devices in those noodle bars that have been popping up across the country. This handy gadget grinds sesame seeds or flax seeds for your salads, rice or noodles. Toasted sesame seeds have more flavour because the oils have been released. 

Symonds says:

"I am pretty certain that any dish can be improved by a quick grind of sesame. From hummus to salads to yoghurt and honey. However, the sesame is a pesky beast and they can end up all over your work surfaces and floors meaning you will be finding them for weeks to come. Grab one of these nifty grinders to keep them all contained"

Check out five suggestions of how to use it here. (Warning: these include nutella)

The spec

55 x 71 x 124 mm. Made in Japan. Sesame seeds not included!

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