Kitchen Spoon - Gestura Utensils


We jumped on these spoons because, after a knife, these are the next MVP in the kitchen. That said, it is surprisingly tricky to find a good one. Search no more...

As Gestura say:

“A custom molded utility spoon designed for control and consistency. The well is formed deep to cradle liquid - one tablespoon exactly, to help with recipe continuity and reduce the amount of tools needed on hand - and pointed at the tip for precise pouring or basting. The handle is long enough to stir a braise or a pot of beans, and nimble enough to sauce a plate or scrape the corners of a pot. Inspired by flea market cookware and antique silhouettes, made for all cooks.” 

Material: 18/10 stone-washed steel

Length: 9 inches

Volume: 1 tablespoon, .5 ounce

Packaging is constructed with recycled chipboard.