Kitchen Provisions sloe gin kit


  • Kitchen Provisions sloe gin kit
  • Kitchen Provisions sloe gin kit

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Whether you are hunting-shooting-fishing, skiing, camping or simply sitting by an open fire, the experience will be greatly improved by the addition of a good slug of sloe gin. This sweet plummy goodness warms the cockles of even the most frost bitten heart and now you can make it at home.

We know that the nearest sloe bush may be someway from your doorstep and that they aren't always readily available. We have therefore come up with a foolproof recipe to help you make sloe gin from dried sloes. In the kit are also some additional botanicals to spice it up, the equipment to help you get steeping, and the packaging to make it perfectly presentable. 

The bespoke blend gin kit contains the ingredients and instructions to make two 750ml bottles of homemade sloe gin.

Kit contents

- 750ml glass bottle

- fine mesh sieve

- funnel

- pack of dried sloes

- sachets of four additional botanicals

- Kitchen Provisions instruction booklet 

Add 750ml of gin and some sugar (not included) and this is everything you need to get cracking on making sloe gin. All presented in the Kitchen Provisions packaging. 

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