Japanese-style drop lid - otoshi buta

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The otoshi buta, or drop lid, is a staple of most Japanese kitchens. Deceptively simple in its construction, it floats on the top of liquid in a pan ensuring ingredients cook quickly, the heat distribution is even and that it boils liquid with smaller bubbles, thereby protecting delicate ingredients. While cooking, the liquid circulates towards to top meaning there is no need to stir.

Saunders says:

"If you are a fan of the slow simmer or stocks or reductions of any kind, it is well worth giving these lids a whirl. We have opted for the version where the handle is dovetailed into the lid as these are more hardwearing."

Available in 150 and 180 mm diameter. The lid should fit inside the pan rather than on top. Pre-soak in water for 5 minutes prior to use and wash and dry thoroughly afterwards.