Double bevel Yanagiba knife, shirogami 1 carbon steel, polished finish - Masanobu Okada


MAKER: Masanobu Okada. Originally a blacksmith of gardening tools, Masanobu Okada specialises in making unique kitchen knives.

SHAPE: Yanagiba. This knife is used to slice protein in one continuous movement to minimise damage to the ingredient. Traditionally a single bevelled style, this one is double bevelled, and is suitable for left and right users. This edge design allows the blade to take a razor sharp edge helping with the slicing of fish thinly.

STEEL: Shirogami (white paper) 1 steel. This steel has the highest amount of carbon out of the paper steels so will get crazy sharp easily. It is a very reactive steel so best kept dry. These blades are also clad with soft iron which is also susceptible to rust.


HANDLE: D shaped rosewood with pakka wood ferule.

LENGTH: 240mm, 270mm and 300mm

SAUNDERS SAYS:"One man's sujihiki is another man's double bevelled Yanagiba"