Sharp and shiny - Japanese knives

It is no secret that Saunders has a long standing love of Japanese knives. From the nakiri to the santoku, gyutos and pettys. If it's sharp, shiny and made in Japan, he wants it. On the back of this passion and knowledge, we have put together a collection of Japanese knives from several makers. This is not intended to be a comprehensive range but rather to provide a selection of quality knives in a range of shapes and, importantly, at a range of price points. This means that whether you are looking for your first Japanese knife, wanting to extend your collection with a deba or slicer, or simply wondering what other shapes there are beyond the classic chef's knife, we have something for you. 

Take a look round. If you have any questions or queries about choosing a knife, the different shapes and types of steels, or caring for the knives, feel free to email 

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  1. Deba knife, Shirogami 2 carbon steel, damascus finish - Kitaoka
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