The February/March round up - six things...

Life has got in the way somewhat and, with the arrival of baby Felix, things have been a bit hectic at KP HQ. I hate to break a pattern so am going to press ahead with a combined February-March round up that I finally get round to publishing in mid April. Bear with me here. Offspring aside, we have been getting stuck into spring and have been spending our time...

1) UNPACKING a whole range of new products. A particular favourite are the Pallares range of knives fresh in from Spain. They are functional and beautiful, sharp and easy to care for, and all at a very reasonable price point. What more could you want from a knife? They have been flying out of the shop.

2) TASTE TESTING babka. We saw it everywhere and reckon it was becoming almost as ubiquitous as the flat white. But we had never tasted it. This changed big style in March with flavours sampled including chocolate, pistachio, salted caramel and hot cross bun. All good but not all babka are created equal. It needs to be as fresh as fresh can be and it definitely helps if the flavour swirl adds moisture. Either way, we bet it will be in the GBBO tent next season.

3) RESTOCKING on beautiful petty knives from Blenheim Forge. We love these knives and it seems you do too as we were out of stock again. The latest batch look as fantastic as ever.

4) IMPRESSIONING, or rather Xian Impression-ing. A regional Chinese restaurant that serves up delights such as lamb burgers and cold skin noodles in the glow of the Emirates Stadium. You might not return for the service or surroundings, but you will definitely return for the food and to feel the sichuan pepper tingle.

5) FEASTING on blood oranges. Segmented in salads, squeezed into dressings, seasoning cerviche, but most importantly in blood orange, thyme and polenta cake. Unmissable.

6) GUILT EATING CADBURY'S CREME EGG MCFLURRYS - it's been a hectic couple of months and sometimes you just need a sugar fix that doesn't even require you to get out the car. I can't pretend it was particularly delicious or interesting but it certainly scratched the sugar itch. Sorry not sorry. Even the photo's wonky but we promise the basic bitch seasonal treats will have gone and normal service will resume in April!


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