Seven Instagram Stories to Stalk

Our latest internet addiction is instagram stories. Many a tea break is spent checking out what exactly everyone else is up to, whether it be trying on their latest high street haul, sipping cocktails by an infinity pool, or, most importantly, eating or creating something delicious. To be honest, the foodie world hasn’t been as quick to adopt the format compared to fashion or style bloggers. Maybe, unless you get to actually taste it, a static image is as good as one in motion when it comes to food. Or perhaps the food world is instinctively more comfortable behind the iphone rather than delivering a piece to camera. Or, simply, when you are desperate to stick something in your gob, you aren’t going to muck around with filters and bunny ears and annotations.

Either way, the format is taking off massively (a relief as I am really too old to work out how to deal with snapchat) and we want in. Here is a list (oh, how I love a list) of seven of our favourite instagrammers who, in our opinion, are also delivering on Instastories (obviously their instagram game is also on point).

ONE: @ks_ate_here – I have no idea how this chap gets round London at what seems like warp speed, eats an absolute tonne of street food (including the odd burger for breakfast), will be eating the whole menu at just the restaurants you want to visit, and still manages to fit in some one-handed baking with a very cute kid. Instastories overachiever.

TWO: @reneredzepi –the Noma head honcho is in Mexico and it makes for excellent viewing with a regular run down of the breadth of Mexican ingredients. Nope, didn’t know there were that many types of avocado, or indeed what half the things actually were. But if you have even a passing interest in Mexican food, then it is informational gold dust.

THREE: @ballymaloecookeryschool – if you have ever had a hankering for some more formal chef training or wondered what a cookery school might involve, take a look. The curriculum looks pretty rigorous, they make excellent use of angled demonstration mirrors, and, best of all, the Ballymaloe homestead looks truly truly idyllic.

FOUR: @lifeandthyme – okay, so I am sure that larger media outlets now have Instastories content planning teams, strategy documents, interns and whole programmes to pimp and primp the resultant content. Regardless, the output on this account is pretty darn good and I only wish that it was UK rather than US based so I can get to the places they cover.

FIVE: @oishinboy – when we saw his posting of a unagisaki knife, urokotori and pin, we knew this was the guy for us. It all looks just so delicious, is clearly the result of painstaking hours of prep in the kitchen, and regularly has us licking our phone screens (believe you me, not cute).

SIX: @theboywhobakes - Someone get this guy a TV series. Or maybe he has one in the pipeline and this is an extended screen test. The greyest of mornings are brightened by the sound of a unsquashable northerner waxing lyrical about cake and other stuff. I’ve never seen a less than beaming story from this chap and his enthusiasm is infectious.

SEVEN: @symmetrybreakfast – bit of an obvious shout as it is recognized far and wide that their daily feed of breakfast porn is top-notch instagram content. An edible demonstration of love, shared time and shared food. The video version of breakfast is just as charming as the couple have a pleasingly naff taste in music and it is visual proof that they do indeed tuck into these delectable breakfasts with gusto.

We have been putting out our own slightly budget offerings on Instastories, mainly on Fridays when we are putting new stock in the shop ready for the weekend. Saunders can be convinced to do a “piece to camera”, QVC-style after much nagging, whereas I prefer the annotations. While it is pretty good for showing off knives in three dimensions, nothing beats taking a look in the flesh – in short, if it looks good on instastories, come see it in person.


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