We have a rather fantastic programme of events planned for the next few weeks at Borough Yards. This kicked off on Saturday with some miso tasting from Robin of Koji Kitchen. We've stocked the miso making kits from Koji Kitchen for a couple of years and were thrilled at the chance to taste the finished article from a fementation pro.

Robin flew down from Edinburgh with jars full of umami experiments for the customers to sample. Of the eight, the crowd favourite was the red miso made from fava beans (cue your best hannibal lector impression), while the KP team gave a special mention to the chipotle and pinto bean. Robin was also happy to talk through the miso making process and how the Koji Kitchen kits - pick one up in store! - can be used. 

A few more photos below, but, as you see, Robin is extremely enthusiastic about all things miso-related so was a bit of a blur! 

Take a look at the events calendar for more in-store happenings at Borough Yards.

(Borough Yards - Unit 214, 20 Dirty Lane, SE1 9PA)



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