Fireboat meets Forge - Kitchen Provisions x Blenheim Forge Petty Knife

We have a new batch of these petty knives, hot out of the forge. They were such a hit in the run up to Christmas that we couldn't wait to restock. 

The design of the blade and the hand forging has been taken care of by Blenheim Forge. Our own Kitchen Provisions twist has been added through the handle. This is made from teak from the deck of the oldest surviving thames fireboat, Beta III. Some of the margin planks (the pieces round the edge of the deck) needed to be replaced as part of the restoration and renovation project. While these pieces of wood were damaged at the edges, the central areas were solid and ripe for converting into knife handles. The combination of the Peckham-forging and the fireboat handles makes this a London knife through and through.  

A tour of the fireboat in its original pre-renovated state is below, and more information here.

"Betty" Beta III 1926 Thames Fireboat from Schematic80 on Vimeo.



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