Taste test - radis noir

WHAT IS IT? A routine weekend activity for team KP is routing through the latest produce at the greengrocers. Nestled among the ruby radishes, the multitude of squashes and the bunches and bunches of fragrant herbs was the black radish. Or, to go by its label, "radis noir".

WHY IS IT QUESTIONABLE? It is about six inches in length, black, hairy and leathery. It doesn't look like a radish, it doesn't have the skin of a radish or indeed anything you would want to eat. The label said - in French - to slice and eat on toast or to grate into salad. Google said it has a multitude of heath benefits but there isn't a huge amount of information about how to actually eat it. We left the skin on - for proof that it was a black radish rather than just a wayward daikon - then sliced it and ate it on top of some buttered toast with a sprinkling of salt.  
SAUNDERS SAYS: "The outside of the radish screams 'don't eat me' but surely pretty much anything, even if it does look like shoe leather, can be eaten when put on top of toast. This was the exception that proves the rule. A little bit like pencil sharpenings with the texture of an uncooked potato - I am not sure I will be rushing to get another one."
SYMONDS SAYS: "It looks more like a pair of shoes than a vegetable. But tastes just like I imagine shoe leather would. I love the crunch and tang of radishes. This had none of that."
THE VERDICT? Stick to the ruby red English varietals. Do not go to the dark side.


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