Hero ingredient - goat's curd

WHAT IS IT? Curd. Made from goat's milk. It has a creamy texture that, for a goat's cheese, still remains pretty light. 

WHAT DO I DO WITH IT? Curd is a massive restaurant trend at the moment and it is rare that we see a menu where it hasn't been dolloped on something. Our absolute favourite thing to do is slice some tomatoes, drizzle with olive oil and red wine vinegars, sprinkle with salt, pepper and thyme and then dot some of the goat's curd on top. It takes literally minutes to prepare but gives an awful lot of bang for its buck. Any salad - particularly one containing beetroot - is boosted by adding it, as well as being a rather fabulous addition to any cheese plate. Where you might have once sliced mozzarella (late 90s), or shaved a bit of parmesan (the 2000s), try sticking a blob of this. You want your cheese game to be on trend, don't you?

WHERE CAN I GET IT? A good deli or cheese shop will likely have a tub at quite a reasonable price. 


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