The July round up - Six things...

It is July, it is hot. We like lists and summaries, so here goes:

1) EATING - cannelloni by the bucket-full. An itty bitty cannelloni and a strong machiato makes the perfect pick me up. Next step to try and make them ourselves. Little 'sis has been banging on about her recipe for lemon-ricotta cannelloni with pistachios and we are keen to try it. 

2) BUYING - as many tomatoes as we can get our hands on. Our rule of thumb is the uglier the better with the big beefy tomatoes providing the foundations for many a salad. These beauties have been whipped up into panzanella, slice into salads, roasted, and popped into our gobs whole. 

3) MAKING - jelly. There is a reason I spent most of my childhood eating raspberry jelly for pudding after polishing off my fishfingerschipsnpeas. Not because it was the 80s and we didn't know better but because it tastes blimmin' lovely. Particularly when you tip in raspberries and blueberries (perfect when they are past their best), and even a slug of port or cassis (although not for children, even in the 80s). Also good to know that with adulthood doesn't come patience as it still feels like it takes an eternity to set when you're in need of a jelly hit. 

4) BUYING - some of the best nduja from Terroni of Clerkenwell. It is too hot weather to pair it with roast potatoes. Instead we have been using it as part of a meat board, like a cheese board but... you get the picture. 

5) READING - the pickling section of Mamushka by Olia Hercules has stolen our hearts. We want to ferment tomato sauce, are desperate to try some of the Armenian dishes, and have been salivating over the cheese bread. Also on the bedside table is The Edible Atlas. We have only made it so far as France but if Normandy - with more butter and cheese than you can shake a baguette at - is anything to go by, we will soon be hooked.

6) LICKING - popsicles. July has been high end-low end, lo-fi. hi-fi We have had some amazing seafood and pasta but have been skimping when it comes to pudding. This is where the popsicle comes in. Refreshing, quick to prepare and only requiring a few store cupboard ingredients and a little imagination. 


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