Hero ingredient - Nocellara olives

WHAT ARE THEY? It is a truth universally acknowledged that not all olives are created equal. Wikipedia tells me that Nocellara olives are from south western Sicily and that they are dual purpose for both eating and oil. I can tell you that they have that light, buttery taste and a firm texture. They don't have the strong, persistent flavour of many black olives nor the tendency towards pappyness of some kalamata olives. 

WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM? These are not the olives to cook with or to pop on top of your Four Seasons pizza. Rather they are so good that they are best eaten alone. A large glass of chilled white wine, perhaps a few almonds in a dish, a light breeze and a good view. Forget all these marinaded olives, these are the perfect accompaniment to a good glass of wine.  

WHERE CAN I GET IT? Delicatessens, wine bars and even good old Waitrose. Just try and remember their name (particularly hard after that large glass of wine).


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