Bibimbap - the speedy version

We documented our previous efforts at making bibimbap in the dolsot bowl in the blog entry here. It has since become even more of a go to dish than I had predicted it would. It always seems to produce a result that is far greater than the sum of its parts. Vegetables a bit limp? Not much rice left in the packet? Not got much in the way of fresh herbs? You honestly won't notice.

We have, however, massively pared back the preparation involved. The initial survey of recipes - authentic Korean and others - suggested laboriously cooking each individual vegetable and meat component before placing them separately on top of the rice. Given this all then gets mixed, we have taken to just doing a stir fry of everything together. It doesn't look quite as pretty but is just as effective and, when mixed together with a spoon of gochujang and topped with a grind of sesame, no one is any the wiser. 

As the vine shows, it is ready in six seconds... well, not quite but not much longer.


Next in the dolsot bowl will be a seafood version, heavy on the squid. I also have plans for some more heathen cooking. How about a take on a paella with saffron and some chorizo? Or sticking risotto-style rice in there to see if the edges crisp up, arancini style? Or even... and bear with me here... some sort of bubble and squeak. Too much? 


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