Poptastic II

Following on from my initial experiment, ice pops are becoming a bit of a thing with me this summer. This batch were - from left to right - dulce de leche with a pinch of salt, mezcal, lime and chilli, coconut milk with a little rose syrup, and finally green tea lemon and honey.

Needless to say, the dulce de leche ice pop was a real winner. The tea flavours have also been pretty tasty and correlate favourably on the "effort to results" scale.

Precision has not been the name of the game when making these so I don't have recipes to share as such. I have picked up three tips (note: not hacks, since when did a tip become a "hack"?). Firstly, watery is good. Fill the mould two thirds full with the flavoured mix and then top up the final third with water. This makes for a harder freeze and more palatable flavour. Secondly, keep any coffee, tea or alcohol flavours weak. A small splash is enough to tickle the tastebuds of even the most hardened drinker; a glug is toxic. Thirdly, they need to be a touch sweeter than you think they will. An unhelpful statement perhaps but basically, give an extra squeeze of honey or boost of syrup of some sort. Think how bad ice coffee tastes unsweetened and you get the picture.

There you go. Get popping. 


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