The taste test - camel milk

WHAT IS IT? We were picking up a few essentials in the People's Supermarket when the cashier asked us if we wanted any camel milk. You don't get that in Tesco. Turns out they are one of only three stockists in London. Why not? We picked up a small bottle.

WHY IS IT QUESTIONABLE? The milk comes from a real life, living, breathing, spitting camel. It is regularly consumed by bedouin and nomadic tribes across the world but is yet to make it to Starbucks. According to the oracle (wikipedia) it is an excellent source of proteins not found in cows milk, and is used in some countries as food for malnourished babies. 
SAUNDERS SAYS: "Nope, can't do it."
SYMONDS SAYS: "The colour put me off slightly, it is a very clean, bright, chalky white. It doesn't have a strong smell nor an unpleasant texture being pretty much the consistency of cows milk, perhaps slightly chalkier. While it doesn't taste that bad, I couldn't get over the fact that it just didn't taste quite like cow's milk. Slightly sourer at first, with goat-y undertones, followed by a lingering sweetness."
THE VERDICT? I think we'll pass on this one.


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