The taste test - coconut juice and jelly

WHAT IS IT? We've all heard of coconut water whether bikram yoga devotees or not; so 2010. But what about coconut juice with coconut jelly suspended in it? A welcome addition to the plethora of products that can be made from the humble coconut, or a step too far?

WHY IS IT QUESTIONABLE? Coconut water can be an acquired taste, is the juice any different? And is the idea of lumps of anything suspended in your drink just plain wrong?

SAUNDERS SAYS: "Being a big fan of coconut jelly, this ticked many boxes for me. I wasn't disappointed as it was refreshing and tasted pretty darn good. The only thing I would say, make sure it is well chilled. Warm lumps of coconut in your drink are a whole different matter."
SYMONDS SAYS: "I was already for this to taste like a beauty product but it is really pretty good. Surprisingly the coconut jelly gives it a bite and didn't trigger my gag reflex at all. Obviously I should have been drinking this post yoga session but really I just wanted to add a healthy measure of booze, a straw and umbrella, and go find the nearest sun lounger."
THE VERDICT? Yes please. Particularly with a slug of rum.


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