Flowers on everything

Before putting any product on the site we do a lot of research, testing and working out whether and how we would actually use anything. We have donated our bodies and the kitchen to this mission and our waistlines aren't thanking us! We are very happy to have put the flower power petals up because, after a couple of weeks of playing with them, we were pretty much hooked. Turns out most things look better with an injection of floral colours.

As the photos show, we have been putting them into ice cubes, on top of chocolate, and sprinkling petals over cakes. We have also added some rose petal syrup to a gin and tonic, are in the process of making some flower power sugar, and will be sprinkling them on our next round of panacottas. In short, we are convinced that these petals will be something you reach for on a regular basis over the summer. 

We went for dried petals as the fresh variety can be hard to come across and these are a great substitute. We also figured that, as a little does go a long way, smaller tins of marigold, cornflower and orange blossom and two larger tins of rose and lavender (which impart more flavour) would fit the widest range of applications. If you need any more convincing, check out our pinterest board.

Grab a pack and start spreading the power of flowers!


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