How we are sipping our gin in April

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we have gone for a bit of a Japanese-theme to our G&T this month. We used a batch of citrus-inspired bespoke blend gin and added a slice of lemon, a slice of plum and an umeboshi, a pickled plum with quite a sour flavour. I like lip-puckeringly, mouth-wateringly sour but, if you don't, maybe a touch of sugar syrup. Putting umeboshi in the bottom of drinks is fairly common in Japan where they have it as an "ume sours" with shochu and soda, or with a slug of umeshu plum wine in there too. 

We also added a few drops of some umeboshi tabasco sauce we picked up out there. Sour and spicy and plummy. Also, a quick video of the cocktail making process below. 


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