Hero ingredient - kimchi

WHAT IS IT?  Smells like hell, tastes like heaven. Imagine sauerkraut on steroids. It is basically a fermented cabbage dish originating from Korea that’s pimped with chilli, ginger and a wealth of Asian flavours. Its almost rude not to serve it with every meal at a Korean table - and I am including breakfast in this.


WHAT DO I DO WITH IT? During my virginal kimchi days I used to buy a packet from my local Asian supermarket and consume it in its entirety, sitting on the sofa with a pair of chopsticks (this seams to be a recurring theme in my life). Now that I am much more ‘cultured’ I use it a plethora of ways. It's mean on a cheeseburger and really anything cheese related, particularly toasted sandwiched. I recently had it in a pork soup which was not only hotter than the bowels of hell but bloody tasty. I would love to give you a recipe for this soup but I don’t even now where to start. I will work on rectifying this.

WHERE CAN I GET IT? Gone are the days when I felt slightly cool having to go to an Asian supermarket for my cabbage fix. I recently saw it in Tescos, admittedly it was in yuppyville North London so if you don’t live in spitting distance of the capital best go online where it is easy to find. OR make your own! Kimchi kit coming soon.... watch this cabbage-smelling space!


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