Root and Bone

When I first picked up a copy of Root & Bone I knew I had to be part of it. With a faint whiff of Lucky Peach about it, the first copy of this magazine that I got hold of wasn’t put down until it looked like my well-thumbed lavatory copy of the Profanisaurous.

This tongue in cheek publication flicks the proverbial bird at most food related journalism and has more in common with an Irvine Welsh novel than Delia Smith. I think this is demonstrated perfectly when they tattooed a piece of pig's skin or laser cut Francis Drake’s face into a sweet potato. It wanders from excellent recipes from interesting chefs to ‘consumer advice’ about airline food with ease. As much care and attention goes into the photography as the copy and it is truly beautiful to flick through. I LOVE THIS MAGAZINE and am really proud to be part of it.

Root and Bone is free and can be picked up at a range of shoot outlets, restaurants and shops across London. A word of warning, they do disappear pretty darn quick so we would recommend a subscription to ensure you get your quarterly dosage of "offcuts of food culture". Email

More info on the knife pictured is here. We also made it into the Root Reviews section with our bitters kit.

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