Broadening our seafood horizons

What an awful title. Putting together the seafood edit has meant that we have been eating a LOT of seafood over the last couple of months. No great hardship there! As well as opting for the go to options - clams, lobster and mussels mainly - we have also been trying to broaden our horizons and have a crack at including some of the less popular underwater critters. This has helped us to discover alternatives that we actually prefer, many of which are in fact better value.

If you like lobster... try crab

Fun to cook and eat with, in my opinion, much more flavour than lobster. 

If you like clams... try cockles

We whipped up this batch with dulse, pancetta and white wine. 

If you like seafood full stop... try whelks

These aren't going to win any prizes for looks but they taste super fresh and are perfect as part of a platter with white pepper and malt vinegar. Get stuck in.


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